Friday, December 20, 2013

should i? i should.

i'm thinking of going back to writing, to doing what i love doing most. lately, i have been listening to podcasts on discipline, accountability and responsibility and do not like to make any more excuses. it's time to own up and to totally confront and battle the difficult questions.

so no more saying "i don't have the time". because, really, i don't. but i somehow have to make room for this, for my own sake.

so God help me, let's see how this goes. just in time for the new year.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

after four months

ZOMG. it's been aaaaages. but i've been really busy.

i just did a sweep of the blogs in my sidebar, and it seems like everyone has abandoned their blogs too. life has finally caught up, hey?

i still intend to keep this my personal blog, but i will be doing more work i reckon. i will TRY hard to keep everything updated. how, i don't know. by not sleeping at all i guess.

anyhoo, what has happened since last entry?

  • mama sally and fritza have gone back home to the Philippines
  • i'm loving everyday with Lilly
  • she has *just* turned one and we threw a kick-ass first birthday party!
  • i resigned from work and am now a Chief House Officer and Full-fledged entrepreneur
  • acquired new knowledge (SEO, MYOB etc)
  • business is doing relatively good, and i will try to venture into wholesaling in 2010
  • i'm thinking of opening another shop. still thinking.
  • Ciggy surprised me with an iPhone 3Gs. but i still love my old old motorola.
  • we're moving out of our unit, we're building a house!
  • i stopped taking the Pill. bahala na, Lord!
  • life is... steady. which is how i want it to be.
i love love love being me.

in other news, i am all over the internet. find me:

theLeidy's trinket box
theLeidy's blog
theLeidy's twitter
theLeidy in Facebook

and plugging my hubby's website.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

i got KO'd

let me tell you about how i ended up having a swollen temple/cheekbone yesterday.

it all started with me and tristan getting dressed at the same time. i had just put on a tank top and wanted to see how it looked with my shorts. i knew he was a couple of steps behind me because i saw his reflection in the mirror. whilst i was doing the vanity thing, he was struggling to get his fist through a tight armhole.

and finally, with a bit of force (though it felt really powerful if you were to ask me) he got his fist through the left sleeve of his sweater. at the exact moment i turned around to face him.

bam! (i heard a very loud CRACK)

i just got punched in the face.

and there was... nothing.

next thing i know, everyone at home was in our room, i was on the floor, someone was massaging my feet, i had a makeshift ice compress (ice cubes in a sock!) against my right temple, and my baby was staring at me curiously.

and tristan was laughing his ass off.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

just because i am...

compelled to blog.

* for the first time in eight months, i have stepped inside a movie theatre again. lovely date time with the husband. going gold class next time.

* discovered scrape marks on the rear left passenger side door of our beloved honda civic. so pissed. but i guess that's what i get for parking in an unmarked bay. still pissed.

* got a $58 parking ticket for parking in said unmarked bay. discovered flapping parking ticket against the windshield while doing 100kph on the eastlink. couldn't be bothered to pull over and grab it, half-wishing that it gets blown off so i can feign ignorance. but the thing was too stubborn. drove home with it. damn adhesive held. all 35kms of the way down the peninsula. tsk.

* one more week and i become a full-time stay-at-home mum again. one more week and i become a statistic. i'm psyched.

* on queue: books to read, crafts to learn, skills to hone, a business to run, recipes to try, ideas to test and trips to prepare for. it's so good to be alive.

* me being very blunt: you can run, you can hide, but you're still a copycat. i am me, and you're just you. deal with it. hagisan kita diyan eh --- ng love and friendship.

* gotta catch some zzz's. i haven't slept in 11 months!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

i realise i have been markedly absent...

... but i guess it's time to rekindle this flickering love affair with writing. i'll be back pretty soon.

someone will have words to steal again. but. that's just how it is.

much like how friday always follows thursday. it's almost the weekend! let the good times start rolling.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

iamcomplete. ihavenowords.

Friday, March 20, 2009

isn't it just amazing...

...that i have everything i want?

my joy is grounded. i make my own happiness. whenever, wherever.

thank you, Lord.